Ideas to help you get ready!

*First, start by setting aside a certain time to do your reading and be consistent. You don’t have to read a lot you just have to start making it a habit. Don’t wait until we begin in Jan. Start now. Read different sections of the Bible just to get into the habit. Here’s some suggestions for reading. (Luke 2, Matt 2, Phil.1-2, Phil 3-4, I John) Read anything in the Bible that interests you.

*Sometimes it helps to set aside a certain place to read as well. Make sure it’s an environment that will help you read. Just as an example, it wouldn’t be a good idea for me to try to read with a dozen donuts or a pizza in front of me. I just might get distracted!

*Share the commitment - tell someone else of your plans so they can help you and email or write to me to let me know that you are going to join us. This will state your commitment out loud so those around you can help you keep it.

*Pray and tell God of your desire to learn about Him. He will help! He’s excited about your desire to read His letter to you!!

*You’ll need a reading plan. There are many out there that are very good at helping you reach your goal. If you’re going to read with us you’ll need to order the “One year Chronological Bible” so you’ll have it in time to start at the first of the year. (Hint, you could even ask for one for Christmas)

Places to get your Bible: 1) your local Christian book store. 2) Order it over the phone from 3) Order it on line at

I’ll be reading the NIV Version this year. I’m looking forward to learning new and great things!!