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Summer Camps 2009

Arrowhead Camp - Here we go. The summer camping season is on us and I'm on my way out for
an exciting summer. Our first stop is with the youth (grades 7-12) from the area Church of God conference. (June 8th - 12th) We'll be at Arrowhead camp near Deerwood MN.

I'm told that we will be doing some paint ball and I guess they take it pretty seriously. I'll be working on some "targeted messages" for them as well as, it would seem, providing a new target for them as well. Pray for us as we seek His presence this week. Pray also for the youth that come who have never heard the good news and for those who need a push forward in their faith.
And ... pray that our worship will be sweet to His ears ... and that I'll have His words to speak.
I'll let you know what happens. - Hubbard

Thank you for your prayers!!!
We had 50 or better campers (7th -12th) and yes I was a good target for them during paint ball. We were also "on target" for our Lord thanks to your faithful prayers. Six came forward on Tues night to accept Christ. I think it was about another 30 came forward to recommit themselves. And many came forward to confess their sins and start afresh in their walk with their Lord. They have also extended an invitation to return for their family camp next summer. And maybe the youth again!! What fun!

Lost Timbers - Now, I'm off this morning to Lost Timbers Bible camp. (Chandler, MN www.losttimbers.org )
It looks like we have around 50 Jr. Highers and their theme is "Not of This World" with an outer-space twist.

Please pray that I'll have the right words to say (and the energy to say them)
Pray that our worship will be "out of this world" and a joy to our Lord.
Pray that the youth will hear and respond to the call.
We're at T minus 10 hours to blast off.
I'll let you know what happens. - Hubbard

This Summer is flying by too fast and boy is it filled with amazing experiences.
Thank you for your prayers! (I really mean that ... Thank you!) We had 9 young people accept Christ as their Lord and Savior at Lost Timbers and That was just the first half of the week! The last half saw some great growth among our new baby brothers and sisters as well as the other campers. These campers remembered what we had done at camp last year and brought their friends. How great is that! This was the biggest number they've had. We even had to bring in a tent trailer for some of the staff to sleep in so we could house the overflow.

The worship was amazing - These youth just reached up to our Lord and loved Him in song. I just don't know how else to describe it. The chapel was filled with ... well ... it was just filled with worship. Is it any wonder why God would come and join us and do great things among us. I'm so looking forward to seeing what God has for us next year.

P.S.Here's a note that I received for the director of Lost Timbers

Hello Board members and friends of Lost Timber,     Thank you for your prayers.  As you know from the last reports, Breakaway went very well.  One camper came running to me on Saturday morning and shared with me that he had become my new brother in Christ
during Breakaway!  He said that because of all the rain, he had extra time to sit indoors and think about God.  He said that this was key for him committing his life to Christ.  So praise God for using the rain to have a child come to Him!

And on we go - Now I'm off for a long trek and again, I need your prayers. (four weeks straight)
Here is that next four weeks schedule
July 5 - 10     Oak Hills Bible Camp (jr high)
July 12 - 18   Deeper Life Bible Camp (5th and 6th graders) Black Duck,MN
July 20 - 24   Miracle Bible Camp (jr high girls) Longville, MN
July 27 - 31   Miracle Bible Camp (jr high boys)
Aug 2            Outdoor concert at Riverside Resort (outreach event)Richmond, MN


Oak Hills Bible Camp - Today (Sun the 5th) I'm off the a brand new camp ... and I mean ... brand new! This camp just started this summer. Oak hills Bible College in Bemidji, MN decided that they should start a new camp right there on their campus. There was a camp there years ago and they felt the need to start it up again. There could be some great challenges. I would greatly appreciate prayers for wisdom and direction as we discover how God wants to "do camp" at this location. They've already let me know that this week will be their biggest. We have 41 signed up with more possible. (Jr high)

As always pray that our worship will be sweet to His ears, that my words would be His, their hearts would be ready and that we would see Him working in a new and great way.

I'll try to update you on what happens. It's difficult to do while I'm on the road. - Hubbard


Winter Retreats

Camp JIM - Only in MN do we head out into the winter cold for the fun of it and boy did we have fun. Tubing, broom-ball, sliding, skits, and much more. We also had a great time studying Gods Word. We laughed, worshipped, and sought our Lord. I never get used to seeing God work the way he did this last weekend at Camp JIM. It's an incredible source of encouragement. This is the third year that we've had this retreat and it's continuing to grow. What a blast!! I'm looking forward to next year!

Miracle Bible Camp - It's cold out here but we're gonna' heat things up. I'm headed off to Miracle Bible Camp this weekend for a Jr. high winter retreat. (emphasis on winter!) There's already about 40 signed up and we're hoping for more and I'm looking forward to getting out and seeing what God has for us.
I'd appreciate some prayer.
Please Pray:
        That our worship will be a sweet aroma
        That I'll have the right words to say (His words)
        That the youth will be receptive to whatever God has for them
        That we enjoy our Fathers winter wonderland
I'll let you know what happens

What Happened?Last weekend was great! I got a lot of great feedback from the youth and the leadership that our time together was well worth braving the Minnesota north winter. Broomball, sliding, snow fights, praise and worship, and our times together in the Scriptures were all the best.
Thank you for your prayers!!
I'm headed out this weekend to Camp JIM for another winter retreat. We're told that it's going to be extra cold but that could just mean more time together talking about our Lord. Again I ask you to join with me in prayer as I set out on another adventure.
Pray for the youth to be ready to hear His words
Pray that our worship will be sweet
Pray for the avoidance of frostbite!

I'll let you know what happens

2008 Fall Stuff - Perham Lock In & Twin Cities Retreat

Here we go! (Oct)
This is going to be one busy weekend. First,(Thurs the 16th) I'll head up to Perham, MN. for a "lock in" with youth from the area. Several churches are involved and they tell me that we'll have up to 180 students. I was also told that many of these youth haven't heard the Gospel and that I should feel free to let them know. I've been asked to be their main speaker and worship leader. We'll have only one session on Thurs PM. I've let them know that I'll stay the night so I can be available for whatever God has planned. Please pray that I'll have the right words to say and pray for them to hear and understand. I'll let you know what happens. (Pray that I'll be ready and rested)
I'll come back on Fri to greet another group coming up from Iowa for a mini conference. We'll start Fri night then we'll have four sessions on Sat. including a work project on a building for homeless women in north Minneapolis. We'll finish up by joining the host Church for Sun AM worship service. Please pray for their safe travel. Pray for the impact of service in Christs' name on these youth. Pray for me as I teach that it would be relevant and effective. And, pray that our worship and service would be a sweet sacrifice, acceptable to our Lord.
I'll let you know what happens. (Pray that I'll be ready and rested)

What Happened? I don't quite know how to describe the awesome response we had last Thurs. night at the lock in. We had about 160 youth with a total, including sponsors, at about 180 to 190. I got set up and they started coming in from the Pizza buffet at about 6:30 PM. By 7:00 we had the place filled and they let me loose. The concert lasted about a hour and a half. At about 8:30 I gave the invitation for those who wanted to make Christ their Lord and Savior (Rom 10:9-10). Between 80 and 90 came forward and knelt at the alter to commit their life to Christ. Needless to say the leaders were joyfully caught off guard and we didn't quite know what to do with such a large number. The alter, stage and the center row were full of youth kneeling before our Lord. Now that's the kind of problems I like to have!! That we were very encouraged would be an understatement! We celebrated the rest of the night. Could life get any better?
Well ... yes it can. After about an hour of sleep I drove home to get ready for the youth that were coming up from Illinois. They showed up at about 11:00 PM. We did some talking and greeting then I left to get some sleep. We started the next AM at 7:30. I did four seminars and a four hour work project in the afternoon. It was great to see these youth putting their faith to work. We cleaned, insulated and did other odd jobs for a home for homeless woman located in North Minneapolis. I don't know who was more encouraged the youth or me. What a treat to work with such great kids. I also received quite a bit of positive feed back on the teaching that I did. God seemed to put the right words in my mouth at the right time. (Imagine that! God's timing is real good! Hmmm?)
There are times when I wish that I could take some credit for how God uses me, but I know better! It's just so cool to be there when He's doing His thing!!!
That you pray for us is one of the reasons that I can press on. You are very important to this ministry.
I'll keep you updated

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